Minister Ganesh Kumar will hold talks with protesting driving school owners today

Thiruvananthapuram; Transport Minister KB Ganesh Kumar will meet driving school owner associations on Wednesday. The associations continued their protest despite the government issuing a circular delaying the implementation of the revised testing format.
All union representatives are invited to participate. Previously, the minister’s decision to hold talks exclusively with CITU leaders on May 23 had led to objections from other organizations.

Of the state’s 86 testing sites, only 18 were operational on Tuesday. A total of 274 candidates – Pathanamthitta (72), Idukki (60) and Kottayam (61) – participated in the tests. The Motor Vehicles Department is in a dilemma as candidates have not appeared for tests despite police presence and officials.

Despite warnings from the department about a one-year waiting period for non-compliance with allotted slots, candidates still failed to show up. In light of this, the Minister and the Transport Commissioner have reportedly opted to organize talks to resolve the dispute. The Minister continues to insist that although additional time may be granted, there will be no rollback in the implementation of the revised format.

The Motor Vehicles Department, through a circular dated April 4, has changed the conditions for the driver’s license test, requiring applicants to undergo various real-world driving challenges. However, protesters argue that there are not enough testing grounds in the state to effectively implement these reforms.

Even as the government offers a grace period of three to six months to implement the guidelines set out in its circular to review the driving test format, the unions remain steadfast and refuse to de-escalate the protests.