Cute video of Mercy Johnson as other actors pay respects to veteran Liz Benson on a movie set

Nollywood actress, Mercy Johnson Okojie and some colleagues have blessed the internet with a video paying their respects to veteran actress Liz Benson.

The veteran, who is part of the cast of Mercy Johnson’s new film, A Mother’s Son, had hit the location for a shoot and was well received by the other cast.

In the video, Mercy Johnson and Georgina Ibeh knelt to greet her as Georgina revealed how much of a fan she has been. Actor Mike Godson, who was also present on location, also paid respect to the veteran.

In her caption, Mercy Johnson expressed her gratitude to the veteran for having her again.

The video has since captured the hearts of many as they gushed over it.

Mike Godson wrote: “Iconic moment

Warri Pikin wrote: “Awww a living legend, Mama Liz Benson

Mercy Macjoe wrote: “Awwww she looks so good

Oba K Solo wrote, “Cute Aunt Liz. Mercy, thank you for bringing her back to our screen

One queen Doras Hair wrote: ‘Tell me why people won’t hate. Mercy Johnson is such a focused woman, very intellectual and very humorous, humble and full of respect. Check out the caliber of people she still has access to. God will continue to bless you.”

Weeks ago, veteran Patience Ozokwo had stirred emotions among netizens with her heartfelt prayer for Mercy Johnson after donating her bundles of money and pieces of paper.

In the emotional video, the veteran actress couldn’t hold back her tears as she appreciated Mercy Johnson for always standing by her against all odds. She remembered how people wanted to break them up, but Mercy had begged for forgiveness, and since then Mercy has showered her with gifts and money.

Despite her sweet nature, Mercy Johnson has had her share of scandals with some of her colleagues, who have dragged her online.

Recently, Angela Okorie called her out and said it was time for her as she accused her mother of being a witch and claimed that the actress’ mother was fond of deciding people’s fate.

She went on Instagram Live with Mercy Johnson’s former best friend, who also confirmed Angela’s claims that the actress and her mother were witches. She alleged that Mercy knew about the deaths in Nollywood and alleged that she had locked in the fate of famous music group Style Plus and its colleagues.

Queeneth Hilbert also shared her ordeal with Mercy Johnson, narrating how Mercy decast her on the set of a movie project because she was close to Angela Okorie and also decast her during the production of Uche Nancy.

In another post, she claimed that Johnson removed her from posters and that Angela always supported what she did at the time. She added that there was a time when Chacha Eke went to beg on her behalf and she cried for her that day.