Elon Musk shares insight into the performance of the next generation Tesla Roadster

Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently shared a new insight into the performance of the next-generation Roadster. In a post on social media platform

Musk’s comment came in response to a message from Sawyer Merritt, a longtime Tesla watcher, who noted that a recent report from The information was quite inaccurate. From The informationAccording to Tesla’s report, the Tesla team working on the new Roadster was reportedly blindsided by Elon Musk’s comments a few months ago when he stated that the next generation Roadster would have a 0 to 60 mph time of less than 1 second.

For context, Musk already stated in May 2021 that the Roadster should reach 60 mph in just about 1.1 seconds.

Musk then responded that the report came from ‘The (Wrong) Information’. He also explained that there is no point in making a purpose-built performance electric car that is as fast as the company’s largest all-electric sedan. “Of course, it would also be ridiculous if the Roadster simply achieved the same 0-60 mph time as the Model S, even though it is a fully performance two-door car,” Musk wrote.

Tesla’s CEO noted in February that the next generation Roadster would be a collaboration between SpaceX and Tesla. He also stated that there are plans to unveil the all-electric halo car in late 2024. At the time, Musk noted in a post on

Musk also mentioned some important tidbits about the next-generation Roadster in his February 2024 posts. According to Musk, Tesla had radically increased the design goals for the all-electric hypercar. The next-generation Roadster would be so different from other cars on the road that Musk noted there will never be another car like it – if the vehicle could even be called a car.

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