Lok Sabha Elections 2024 Live Updates: ‘These elections are about choosing between corrupt or honest politicians,’ says Amit Shah

08:16 (IST), May 15

Live Lok Sabha election: After Godhra, my image was deliberately tarnished, says PM Modi

He peppered the interview with examples of how living among Muslim families in his neighborhood gave him insight into their customs and practices. “Eid was also celebrated at our home, just like other festivals. There would be no cooking that day, because the food would come from our Muslim neighbors. If we had to go out on Muharram, I knew we would have to go under the Tajiya. I grew up in that society. I have so many friends who are Muslim… It’s just that I don’t like to advertise this aspect.”

Asked whether he would acknowledge his inability to break the perception that “Modi does not belong to Muslims,” the Prime Minister said: “This issue is not about Muslims. No matter how supportive individual Muslims are of Modi, there is a wave of thoughts dictating to them: ‘do this, do that’. After 2002, after Godhra, my image was deliberately tarnished.”

On whether he was confident that Muslims would still vote for him, Modi said: “The people of the country will vote for me.”