The Exit Partnership, Change Squared and AspireExec are combined as a new business lifecycle company

Three companies have joined together to form a brand new business lifecycle company called Melo, which launched today (May 15) to help financial planning business owners build better businesses, at every stage of their journey, from launch to exit.

The Exit Partnership, Change Squared and AspireExec, operating under the new brand, will be led by Victoria Hicks as Group CEO.

Hicks said: “Our industry is rightly focused on academia, training consultants to advise and planners to plan, but not how to build a great business. Time and time again we see companies fail to start, grow and close the right way because they don’t get the training, guidance and support they need.”

“There are enormous opportunities for companies in the field of financial planning. The advice gap persists, while the need for advice has never been greater. Yet the consulting community is aging and needs new ideas and thinking. At the same time, technological developments, especially AI, create enormous opportunities and there is an unprecedented opportunity to create value and enter the market at high volumes.

“We aim to help financial planning firms seize these opportunities by removing the traditional fragmented approach and bringing everything you need under one roof.”

Melo aims to become the industry’s leading resource for financial planning companies wherever they are on their journey, covering the three key components needed to build a world-class business : recruitment, advancement and departure.

The recruitment will be led by Rachael Fennessey, formerly of AspireExec, and aims to help financial planning firms build their people strategy, hire and secure the talent they need to achieve their ambitions.

Progress will be led by Ben Wright, who will help companies find operational efficiencies and maximize the output of their leadership team and advisors.

Finally, Brian Hill will lead the company’s exit department, helping planning agencies find the right option for them, their team and their clients.

Hicks added: “To build a great company, you need great people. At The Exit Partnership we previously worked closely with Rachael at AspireExec and Ben at Change Squared. They are leaders in their respective fields, care deeply and want to have a positive impact on the profession.

“We are privileged to have them with us on this journey, as well as the rest of the team. Each person on the board has something magical; we are all unique, but with a shared purpose, an alignment of values ​​and a love for the profession.”