An arts and cultural center commemorating the ancient Kongu nation

The Kongu National Art and Culture Study Centre, which commemorates the ancient Kongu nation, functions at the Kongu Arts and Science College, Erode.

College Correspondent PD Thangavel and Principal Dr H Vasudevan said: In ancient times, Tamil Nadu had several nations like Chera, Chola, Pandya, Thondai, Kongunadu etc. Each differs in culture, language accent, profession and social structure. Kongunadu is completely different from other parts of Tamil Nadu. Kongunadu was a country not ruled by empires. Kongunadu was an area largely administered by local bodies. Kongunadu was located from Krishnagiri district to Tiruvannamalai district in present-day Tamil Nadu. Therefore, a Center for the Study of Folklore at St Xavior College, Palayamkottai was established by Dr. The Lurdhu, which started with the Kongu country as a separate study area and remains a prototype research center to date. Modeled on this, a research center was established in the college in 2016.

Dr. P. Dhinakaran, head of the college’s Tamil department and assistant professor Umadevi said: This center houses more than 600 ancient Kongu lands containing sports, beliefs, rituals, historical artefacts, household appliances, weighing scales, agricultural and industrial tools, old coins, antiques. and footprints were on display. These are collected by students and teachers from different places. It will explain the splendor of the ancient Kongu land to today’s students. A seminar on this subject is held annually. Every year the students go to different villages and collect ancient artefacts which will greatly help in the research related to Kongunadu.