ADAS is not promoted enough in used cars

According to Cap HPI Consulting, dealers need to do more to educate buyers about the safety features of used cars.

It says many drivers are unaware of the complex safety systems in vehicles and therefore dealers do not always maximize the value of the car.

While visual features such as sunroofs and leather seats help increase a vehicle’s price, the hidden technologies and systems that improve driver and passenger safety are not widely promoted.

According to IMI, 10% of vehicles had Level 2 autonomy at the end of last year, and this will rise to 50% by 2030.

Matt Freeman, managing consultant at cap hpi consulting, said: β€œThe advanced safety systems in cars increase everyone’s safety on the road. It is becoming increasingly expensive to install them in new vehicles, and this value could be better recognized in the second-hand market. There is great potential for educating used car salespeople to better communicate the benefits of these technologies to buyers and help them understand the premium they should demand.”

Cap hpi consulting works with the industry to help realize a car’s full potential through greater specification awareness and remarketing strategies.

Freeman concluded:

β€œThe second-hand market is constantly evolving and the pace of that change is accelerating. Sales teams must stay on top of the latest technology and find ways to make this information attractive to buyers of all ages. We believe that over time, safety technology will become an important part of every car purchase.”