the favorite place of 92% of Quebecers

MONTREAL, May 15, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — EspaceProprio, which brings together a group of companies offering support services related to homeownership, including DuProprio, Confia and RenoAssistance, unveils the results of its latest at-home wellness survey. This large study of more than 2,000 Quebecers examined their relationship with their home and place of residence, as well as their housing problems and aspirations.

There’s no place like home
A whopping 92% of Quebecers say they feel best at home. This feeling is reflected in their stay-at-home habits, as almost half of people surveyed (44%) report being at home almost all the time, while 47% spend most of their time there after work. Relaxation and leisure (39%) top the list of activities that take up the most time at home, followed by work (32%), chores (13%) and cooking (10%).

“The pandemic has clearly had a huge impact on the connection we feel with our home, reinforcing the idea of ​​creating a cocoon in our image. For most of us and more than ever before, this place has become the center of our lives and well-being. The advent of teleworking means that people are now spending more time at home and that has pushed them to redefine certain spaces. The result: people enjoy being at home, feel in their element and adapt it to their taste,” says Pascal Laflamme, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Integrated Experience Officer at EspaceProprio.

A house in your image
The vast majority of respondents (82%) believe that their home reflects their image, a perception that is especially heightened among homeowners (88%) and those who have recently renovated (87%). When asked about their dream interior, respondents ranked contemporary/modern décor first (24%) ahead of traditional (15%), country (14%) or minimalist (9%).

Regional profile
Best places to live
The EspaceProprio index, which measures satisfaction at home, scores an average of 7.7 out of 10 across the province. At the top of the list, people living in Abitibi, Nord-du-Québec and Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean are the most satisfied with their homes (8.0 out of 10), while Montreal is at the bottom with an average of 7.3.

Where are the ideal cities?
Residents of the Capitale-Nationale, Lower St. Lawrence, on the north coast and on the islands of Gaspésie-Îles-de-la-Madeleine think their city is the most suitable place to live (7.5 out of 10). Conversely, residents of Laval (6.8), Lanaudière (6.7) and Outaouais (6.7) say their city does not meet their expectations.

Overall, around three in four people (76%) say they are attached to their current city, an attachment that increases with age and reaches 85% among people aged 65 to 74, who no longer see themselves living anywhere else .

Montreal: busy and stressful
Satisfaction at home (7.3 out of 10) and pride (7.1 out of 10) are lower in Montreal. More than three in four Montrealers (78%) say they are attached to their city. City dwellers stay home less and feel more stimulated, active and busy than anywhere else in Quebec. In the current real estate context, their home is more likely (32%) to be a stressor than elsewhere (26% for the Quebec population). When asked about their future aspirations at home, people living in Montreal were more likely to mention a desire for peace and quiet (30%) and a larger property (28%).

National Capital: a special relationship with their city
With a home satisfaction rate in line with the provincial average (7.7), Quebec City residents stand out in the way they describe their relationship with their city. A record: 42% of them say they are very attached to their city. Along the same lines, Quebec City (60%) and Chaudière-Appalaches (62%) also have the highest percentage of Quebecers who say they feel happy in their city.

Call of the wild
When asked where their ideal home would be (urban, suburban, rural), only 25% of respondents would live in an urban area (compared to 37% who say they currently live there). It is often a necessity rather than a choice to live in a city. That’s why a third of respondents (33%) indicate that their current situation is not where they would actually like to be.

In terms of housing aspirations, closer to nature (26%) and more peace of mind (24%) are the most common factors in Quebec. This desire to be in nature is consistent across the province, an indication of the high bill given to green spaces. While the appeal of a larger property (39%) or a larger piece of land (33%) is most attractive to 18-34 year olds, the idea of ​​reducing maintenance and responsibilities (31%) is most attractive to 55 year olds. and over.

Single-family homes receive the highest billing
Quebecers continue their love affair with single-family homes, as almost half of respondents (45%) see themselves living in single-family homes within the next ten years, far ahead of all other housing types (apartment: 17%, apartment: 13%, multi-generational). at home: 7%). Even among 65-74 year olds, the trend to want to grow old at home is real, as 39% of them see themselves still living in their home in ten years.

Concessions to become a homeowner
It’s no big surprise that almost two-thirds (64%) of renters in the province aspire to become future homeowners, especially among those aged 18-34 (89%). In today’s homeownership landscape, many aspiring homeowners are resigned to making concessions, such as buying a home that needs minor repairs (42%), working more hours (37%), or moving farther away (34%) .

Maintenance and renovation: send in the cavalry
For 37% of respondents, home maintenance takes too much time, and that number rises to 46% among those aged 35 to 44 who are in the middle of their working lives. When it comes to renovations, one in three people (32%) say they have no talent despite good intentions, and a quarter (27%) prefer to let someone else do the work. That said, those who have decided to renovate in the past two years are clearly more satisfied (8.1 out of 10), are proud of their home (8.0) and spend more time there.

“The results show that there is a real need for homeowners in Quebec to be guided and supported in the maintenance and renovation of their properties. Lack of time, knowledge and technical skills are challenges that many people face when purchasing a home. The results of this study show that people who take action are ultimately happier at home,” adds Pascal Laflamme.

Survey Methodology
The Ad hoc Recherche web panel survey was conducted on behalf of EspaceProprio from December 4 to 13, 2023 among 2,014 Québec residents aged 18 to 74. The data was weighted by region, age, gender, language and residence status (owner/renter) to best represent the study population. Some regions have been combined to reach sufficient respondents for each regional grouping.

About EspaceProprio
The EspaceProprio ecosystem was created in Quebec in 2022. With more than 420 employees in Quebec and Ontario, EspaceProprio is an initiative of Desjardins Group that brings together a group of companies offering support services to current and future homeowners. For everything from renovation and maintenance to the sale or purchase of a home, EspaceProprio’s mission is to provide current and aspiring homeowners with the tools they need to realize their real estate ambitions. The full range of EspaceProprio services includes DuProprio, which enables homeowners to sell their homes without an estate agent with the help of a professional team, RenoAssistance, which provides tailor-made support in renovating and maintaining residential and commercial properties, and Confia, a real estate company. brokerage that recommends partner agents who are committed to helping people buy and sell real estate. EspaceProprio’s advisory service provides quick access to a network of reliable, competent professionals. Because a home is more than a place to live, it is a place of fulfillment.

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