Crocodile tries his luck by taking down 5 elephants

A crocodile set its sights on a herd of elephants gathered at a dam near Victoria Falls Safari Lodge.

In a recent upload to Latest Sightings, Africam footage from a dam overlooking the Zambezi National Park showed a clash between a herd of five elephants and an unlikely opponent: a crocodile.

A thirsty herd of elephants had returned to the watering hole several times for a drink. On each of these occasions, the crocodile – a resident of the dam – approached its unlikely opponents.

Considering the sheer size of an elephant compared to a crocodile, and the fact that this crocodile challenged the larger members of the elephant herd on several occasions, you have to wonder what the elephants did to get into this crocodile’s bad position. books?

Perhaps because these ‘gentle giants’ consumed up to 200 liters of water a day, the crocodile was concerned that the elephants would deplete the place it loves to call home.

The footage shows the crocodile lurking nearby whenever the elephants return for a drink, waiting for its chance to strike.

A few superficial attempts would make him successful.

But one morning, when the herd went to drink again, the crocodile turned up the heat.

In full stealth mode, the crocodile decided to head for an elephant that started drinking right next to its shelter. As the elephant took another sip, the crocodile struck, snapping its jaws and grabbing the tip of the elephant’s trunk.

With a loud trumpet, the elephant warned the rest of the herd of his pain, but the crocodile did not let go. The elephant had no choice but to drag the crocodile out of the water, dangling from its trunk. Still, the crocodile continued to cling.

Finally, the elephant shook its head violently, causing the crocodile to swing around and the crocodile to release its grip.

The elephant fled and the crocodile crawled back into the water, seemingly unfazed, waiting for its next chance.