A groundbreaking partner for coaches

With the rise of data analytics and artificial intelligence in sports, concerns have arisen about their potential to replace coaches’ intuition and creativity. AlphaPlay proves that AI can be a valuable partner for coaches, improving rather than replacing their strategies and decision-making process. In fact, AlphaPlay allows coaches to focus on the human aspects of the game.

By sifting through massive data sets and delivering actionable information in plain language, AlphaPlay helps teams identify opponent weaknesses, optimize player development, and uncover hidden talent – ​​all while saving valuable time and resources.

Ultimately, AI will become a highly productive assistant coach for teams, rather than a replacement for human expertise. It embodies the symbiotic relationship between technology and human expertise in sports.

AlphaPlay AI: Improving pre-match strategies and talent acquisition

The global sports AI market is expected to grow explosively, reaching nearly $21 billion by 2029 (Mordor Intelligence). AI tools like AlphaPlay are leading the way.

Although coaches use analytics all the time, AI offers two clear benefits. First, it analyzes a significantly larger set of data. Second, it delivers insights in clear, actionable language, increasing coach confidence in split-second decisions. Importantly, coaches maintain control and strategically use AI-generated advice rather than blindly following it.

AlphaPlay, led by data and user experience-focused CEO Alice Wang and her husband, sports AI expert Brian Hall, founder and head of AI, was developed for baseball in 2022. It has proven to be even more effective in complex team sports such as hockey, football and soccer.

The platform was unveiled at the 2023 MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference. The conference brings together industry professionals and students to explore the latest trends in analytics and business, foster innovation, and increase accessibility and representation across the global sports landscape. promote. AlphaPlay has quickly acquired beta customers in hockey and football. These partnerships have driven the development of the pre-match suite and key player identification products.

At the 2024 conference, AlphaPlay secured paying customers in the US, South America and Europe. AlphaPlay analyzes massive data sets to uncover hidden patterns and generate actionable insights. It allows coaches to optimize player development, identify talent and exploit opponents’ offensive and defensive weaknesses. These insights are delivered in clear, everyday language, promoting informed human decision-making.

“AI is an equalizer,” says Wang. “Women’s sports and minor league teams don’t have the budget for data scientist infrastructure and paying all kinds of analysts.” Teams on a budget can now compete using AlphaPlay’s affordable, easy-to-understand reports translated into local languages.

Compared to traditional video review, AlphaPlay streamlines pre-match preparation, pinpointing critical mismatches in moments and delivering insights tailored to each team’s specific opponent and playing philosophy.

“AI is impacting football by automating the data journey from extraction to deployment, increasing work-time efficiency for data workers,” Rodrigo Picchioni, head of analysis at Atletico Mineiro, Brazilian football league. “Additionally, the easy-to-use interfaces – along with generative AI features – enable non-data-savvy users to effortlessly explore and interact with complex data points.”

Professional teams typically play at least one match per week, sometimes two. Coaches and players are under enormous pressure to prepare, whether it’s practicing, changing their tactics or improving certain parts of their game, depending on who they’re playing against.

“AlphaPlay has proven to be valuable and is becoming an indispensable tool within our analytics department,” Alejandro Dávila, Director of Analytics at Mazatlán FC in Liga MX, Mexican Soccer League. “From dissecting opposition strategies to streamlining our scouting efforts, AlphaPlay shows how generative AI can deliver more insights in much less time.”

“Some teams are very aggressive, others play defensive, and sometimes that philosophy changes depending on how they play in the season,” Wang said. “Everything is tailored to the team.” And the reports are in the team’s language.

Sports are ideal for analysis using AI. The outcomes are clear, games have a beginning and end, and the rules are consistent. “There are very few industries where everyone follows the rules in the same way as sports,” says Wang.

Sports AI: partner, not replacement, for coaches

Coaches often worry that AI could undermine their experience-based decision-making, intuition and strategic creativity by prioritizing cold data over intangibles. During the first meeting, AlphaPlay demonstrates how it strengthens coaches and players, and does not replace them. Wang delivers a report showing how AlphaPlay saves them valuable time by identifying opponents’ vulnerabilities, allowing them to focus on strategy and game preparation.

In introducing AlphaPlay, Wang shows teams how AI is a powerful tool that complements human expertise. Coaches use AI-generated insights to analyze passing and defensive networks and detect vulnerabilities in opponent formations. This type of analysis, which typically requires hours of video review by coaches, is performed on the platform in seconds.

A good example of how AI improves coaches is when a team needs to replace a player with a specific skill set within a given budget. AlphaPlay identifies potential player replacements that scouts may not be aware of. This is an ‘aha moment’, showcasing AI’s ability to unearth hidden gems. Coaches still add factors like team dynamics and other intangibles before making a decision.

The data explosion in sports, including video analytics, is overwhelming human analysts as they search for actionable insights. AI, like AlphaPlay, excels at sifting through massive data sets, identifying patterns and generating valuable information that coaches may miss or don’t have time for before the next game. AlphaPlay simplifies the processes and analyzes that coaches have always done. It provides the framework for informed decision making, not the final decision.

“We did the hard work of interpreting data,” says Wang. AlphaPlay becomes a highly productive assistant coach, allowing coaches to focus on the human elements of the game.

How do you use AI to be more effective in your business?