NFL could do more to take over scheduled release week

We currently know six of the 272 games to be played in the 2024 season. The international games are scheduled for this morning. The full slate comes tonight, after the inevitable barrage of leaks and reports, false reports and other noise.

It will be the biggest story in all of sports, even with the NFL not playing games for another four months — and with the other three major leagues operating and two of them in their postseasons.

There’s still a way to create even more buzz, by taking over not just one day but the entire week. And it’s simple, considering it’s something we thought about a year or two ago and will continue to mention.

Release the full list of Sunday night games on Monday. Announce the Monday evening games on Tuesday. On Wednesday, reveal the games on Thursday evening. On Thursday morning, remove the tray from the special games: Thanksgiving, Christmas, Christmas Eve (if applicable). Then release the rest of the schedule on Thursday evening.

As it stands now, we’re going to have to deal with a bit of water before the dam breaks. Release the water more slowly. And basically flood the sports calendar for five days, as the day after the full release brings a reaction to the full and final configuration of games.

Some of the NFL’s best ideas come about by accident. “Oh, planning a conflict at Radio City Music Hall? I think we should take the design to another city.’ This one is sitting there crying out for the NFL to get on with it.

So get on with it, NFL. Create more buzz. Take more attention away from the other sports. Earn more money. You don’t even have to thank us, because we know you wouldn’t anyway.

I’m joking about that. You have to thank us.