“Why would he let his kids watch it?” Tom Brady Learns the Hard Lesson After Netflix Roast That Gisele Bündchen Never Approved

Tom Brady doesn’t appear rather happy after the success of Netflix Tom Brady’s roast. The football star immediately regretted the jokes made on the show as they had seriously affected his family. His ex-wife, Gisele Bündchen, was also disappointed.

tom brady the roast of tom bradytom brady the roast of tom brady
The one from Netflix Tom Brady’s roast

Brady loves comedy, but he admitted he had no idea of ​​the ramifications of signing up for the Netflix roast. The comedians didn’t attack his children, but made sure to bring up the subject of his ex-wife.

Tom Brady may never do another Roast Show

During his performance op The Pivot Podcast, former football quarterback Tom Brady confessed that despite the success, he regrets doing the show. He said he liked it when the jokes were about him, but it was no longer funny when it involved his family.

I didn’t like that it affected my children. It’s the hardest part of – the bittersweet part of when you do something that you think is only one way, and then suddenly you realize that I wouldn’t do that again because of the way it actually affected the people who I care about the most in the world.”

tom brady the roast of tom brady-2tom brady the roast of tom brady-2
The one from Netflix Tom Brady’s roast

The experience was as embarrassing as it could be for Brady, and he claimed it was a hard lesson he learned as a parent. “It makes you a better parent in some ways going through it. Sometimes you are naive”, he thought. He echoed the same sentiment that he only signed up for it because “I like it when people laugh at me.”

It turns out that the fun had its consequences. Brady promised he would be a better parent this time. Still, he was very happy for the viewers who enjoyed the show. He joked, “Let’s do more of that, love each other and celebrate the success of others.”

He remained positive amid the humiliation he and his family endured at the hands of the show, but his ex-wife, Gisele Bündchen, clearly wasn’t a big fan of it.

Fans were concerned about Tom Brady’s Netflix Roast Show

gisele bundchen cbs newsgisele bundchen cbs news
Gisele Bundchen via CBS News

A source spoke to People and claimed that the Brazilian supermodel “deeply disappointed by the disrespectful portrayal of her family during Sunday night’s roast show.” Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady were married for thirteen years before filing for divorce in 2022.

The insider added that “(Bündchen’s) priority is to support her children who have been affected by the irresponsible content that was broadcast.” Many fans are also not happy with Brady’s careless decision to make a show that would put his family in an embarrassing situation. See what people have to say:

From The coverNetflixs Tom Brady’s roast topped the streaming platform’s most-watched TV chart for the week of May 6, after racking up 13.8 million views.

Even with this success, Brady has vowed to learn from his terrible experience, and hopefully won’t make any rash decisions that would again impact his family in the long run.

Tom Brady’s roast is streaming on Netflix.