The Global FinTech Awards: the categories – part 3

Discover the categories

Celebrating the very best in the purchasing and supply chain industry, entries are now open to submit your entries. Discover five of the 14 categories below:

Director of the Year Award

Recognizing outstanding leaders who have demonstrated exceptional vision, leadership and innovation in the fintech and insurtech industries Director of the Year Award Honors those who have achieved measurable success in driving business growth and financial performance, demonstrated exceptional leadership to address industry challenges, drive innovation and inspire teams, and those who foster a culture of collaboration, diversity and inclusion and help shape the future of fintech and insurtech.

Project of the Year Award

It recognizes outstanding projects that embody innovation, collaboration and transformative impact in the fintech and insurtech industries Project of the Year Award honors those who demonstrate innovative use of technology, demonstrate effective collaboration and partnership, as well as measurable results and impact, and those who contribute to the overall growth, sustainability and positive disruption of the fintech and insurtech industries.

Lifetime Achievement Award

Recognizing exceptional executives who have made significant contributions and had a lasting impact on the fintech and insurtech industries, Lifetime Achievement Award honors those who demonstrate consistent leadership and innovation, can showcase notable achievements or milestones, have contributed to the growth and development of the industry, and have a long-standing commitment to ensuring and impacting future generations.

Social Entrepreneurship Award

By recognizing social enterprises for their remarkable impact, ethics, stakeholder engagement and social responsibility in the FinTech industry worldwide, the Social Entrepreneurship Award honors those who demonstrate significant social impact, have implemented effective practices and initiatives, demonstrate ethical leadership and values, and collaborate with stakeholders to ensure transparency and accountability.

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Starter price

It recognizes startups with innovative solutions and a commitment to making a positive impact in the FinTech industry Starter price honors those who provide unique solutions or services, improve operations and processes in the fintech sector, demonstrate positive impact, and collaborate with and support other companies.

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How to enter

Once you’ve determined which categories best suit your company, executive, or project, you’ll need to create a submission form for each category you enter.

Entry may be in written or video form and must meet the criteria points for each category. A full submission can only be accepted via the official submission form which you can access now.

Once submissions close in June 2024, our expert jury will get to work.

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Who will judge the prices?

Following the close of entries in June 2024, the shortlist will be announced and leading industry figures with a fintech background will put forward their expertise to judge the nominees.

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More to come in 2024…