Niño Muhlach sells ‘priceless’ Famas trophy to boss Toyo

Entrepreneur and child actor Niño Muhlach gave Boss Toyo one of his prized awards from the Philippine Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (Famas) in exchange for P500,000, but Boss Toyo reiterated that Muhlach’s award is “priceless” and will become part of his future museum.

In an episode of “Pinoy Pawnstars”, Boss Toyo negotiated with Muhlach, who personally visited the content creator’s store in Quezon City to personally present one of his five Famas Awards and make it part of his collection .

“Take care of that, fix it,” Muhlach told boss Toyo in the vernacular.

Niño Muhlach’s Famas Prize is one of Boss Toyo’s dream items.

Boss Toyo said he wants to restore the award to its former glory and display it in his planned museum alongside the award that Jiro Manio sold to Boss Toyo a few months ago.

Muhlach said it was Toyo who personally inquired about the award and decided to sell one of the five Best Child Performer awards he received in his career to the content creator.

“I decided to give it to him, but it was a big problem because he has to take it seriously, restore it and put it in his museum because I never take care of it. That is (part of) our deal,” Muhlach said.

Boss Toyo said Muhlach’s Famas award is one of his dream items as he wants to note how Muhlach changed Philippine entertainment through his films starring famous Filipino actors such as the King of Philippine Movies and legends like Fernando Poe Jr. and Dolphy.

“You are the barometer of a ‘child actor’ because we must remember that no one does it better than you,” Toyo said.

In addition to the award, Muhlach Boss gave Toyo some theater lobby cards of the films he starred in and produced.

In addition to show business, Muhlach was also involved in several companies, including the El Niño Apartments and Muhlach Ensaymada.