Sakamoto Days Chapter 166 release date confirmed

Anyone looking for an action-packed and humorous manga to lose themselves in should check this one out Sakamoto days. If you’re all set and ready to rumble, let’s see when the newest chapter comes out.

Sakamoto Days Chapter 166 Release Date

Taro Sakamoto sits behind the counter in his convenience store
Image by VIZ/Yuto Suzuki

If you feel like checking out the latest chapter of Sakamoto daysyou just have to wait until May 19, 2024. If you plan to watch the latest chapter on VIZ/Shonen Jump, make sure your screen is refreshed at the following times:

  • 8am Pacific Time
  • 9:00 am Mountain time
  • 10am Central Time
  • 11:00 am Eastern time

Sakamoto days will receive a weekly manga release, while Volumes will be released at a later date. If you’re always curious about what happens in this exciting manga, make sure you know where to find the latest chapters.

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Where can I read Sakamoto Days online?

Hoping to follow the latest adventures of Taro Sakamoto and friends? Check out VIZ/Shonen Jump for the latest chapters of this exciting action comedy. The first three chapters and the last three chapters are free to all readers, but if you hope to see what happened between those points, you’ll need to sign up for a VIZ Premium membership. It only costs $2.99 ​​per month, and you get the chance to see the latest news Sakamoto days chapters among other great manga-like ones My Hero Academiait’s well worth the subscription.

There are plenty of great manga out there, but Sakamoto Days is one of my favorites. It has a great combination of humor, action and everything in between. If you are a fan of Spy X family or Away from the househusbandthen this might be your new obsession.

Sakamoto Days can now be read on VIZ/Shonen Jump.

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