Could JD Vance be Donald Trump’s VP pick?

INDIAN HILL, Ohio — Former President Donald Trump stopped in the Tri-State for a private fundraiser Wednesday afternoon.

The presumptive Republican nominee for president is reportedly considering Ohio Senator JD Vance as his running mate. All week, Vance has been at the former president’s side, including the $50,000-per-person private fundraiser in Indian Hill.

Some Trump supporters stood outside the intersection of Drake Road and Indian Hill Road, hoping to catch a glimpse of him.

“I’m really disappointed because we’ve been here forever,” Elizabeth Bieser said. “Looks like he’s at the event right now, and we’ll probably leave and watch it on your TV show.”

Although we didn’t see the former president, some we spoke to said they were happy to be there.

“The camaraderie is fantastic,” Indian Hill resident Suzanne Muller said. “I like JD, I like them all.”

In addition to being the guest of honor at Trump’s fundraiser in the Tri-State, Vance was also in New York City this week during his criminal hush-money trial. Some political experts think Vance could audition to become Trump’s running mate.

“He certainly fits the Trump political model, but he doesn’t bring you anything you don’t already have,” said David Niven, a professor of political science at the University of Cincinnati.

The Hamilton County GOP released a statement highlighting Vance’s performance and noting that his “alignment with Trump’s vision … makes him an excellent choice for vice president.”

Niven said that if Trump chooses Vance as his vice president, it would conflict with the traditional strategy of winning the November election.

“It was wise to try to pick a vice presidential candidate who could get you some votes that you couldn’t get yourself, and who might help you win a state that you otherwise wouldn’t win, and J.D. Vance belongs certainly not in that category,” he said. Niven said. “But what you see now with everyone closely associated with Trump is not about balance at all, it’s about Trump, it’s about the relationship with Trump, it’s about total loyalty to Trump.”

Republican voters we spoke to said they like Vance, but he’s not their first choice.

“I think my personal choice would be Doug Burgum because he has leadership experience,” Muller said.

“I would choose a woman,” said Bieser, who said he liked Nikki Haley.

While we wait for the former president to announce his running mate, Trump announced on social media that he will debate President Joe Biden on June 27, on CNN, and September 10 on ABC.